8 River Rodeo


  2017 Results

In 2017 we had 30 teams competing in the rodeo. We utilized the International Fly Fishing Tournament measuring device and recorded all measurements in centimeters. The final totals were then converted to inches. 12 teams completed the All River Take and were eligible for the prizes with totals ranging from 147 inches to 257 inches.  Three teams completed the 10th year anniversary bonus rivers.


1st Place Gold Medal Winners – Triple Haulin’ Nymphers
Completed the 10th Anniversary Bonus Rivers

257.3 inches

2nd Place Silver Medal Winners – 2 x 4
Completed the 10th Anniversary Bonus Rivers

230.7 inches

 3rd Place Bronze Medal Winners – The Indicators

222.4 inches


Biggest Fish Day 1 – Michael – 25.2 inch, Colorado River

Biggest Fish Day 2 – Dan – 21.3 inch, Taylor River

Smallest Fish – David – 0.6 inch, Colorado River


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